7 Days of Black & White

I got tagged in a Facebook chain-status that’s doing the rounds. I tend to do these if they’re amusing, fun, or for a good cause, though normally I hate chain emails and messages.

This one was for an unexplained B&W photo every day, and I do like B&W photos.

I liked the Acros film simulation but hadn’t looked in detail at what it does to noise and grain. I did a bit of pixel-peeping and the way it replaces noise with simulated grain, rather than doing plain noise reduction or leaving digital-looking noise is effective.

These are JPEGS from the camera that have been slightly adjusted in Capture One, mainly adjusting the white and black levels.


Day 1: Up a little early, microwaving The Boy’s milk.


Day 2: Fun and games with Hud and his ball pit 🙂


Day 3: These cabbage flowers were in our kitchen, I didn’t know cabbages had flowers. The structure came out very well.


Day 4: STRANGER THINGS! Love this show.


Day 5: On the road today for work. Photo taken at idle revs and parked for obvious reasons.


Day 6: Low Loss Suspension


Day 7: Off to Ikea to load up with furniture. Check out the Helios bokeh; the other photos are all on the XF35 f2.

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